Soybean Rust
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Soybean sentinel plot in Weslaco, Texas (Hidalgo County), April, 2006. Texas sentinel plot participants:

Dr. T.-X. Liu, Texas A&M, Weslaco (Hidalgo County);
Mr. Leon Clements, Sorghum Partners, Victoria County;
Dr. James Grichar, Texas A&M, Jackson, Colorado, Wharton, Victoria, Calhoun Counties;
Dr. Brad Minton, Syngenta, Fort Bend County;
Dr. Mo Way, Texas A&M, Beaumont (Jefferson County);

Dr. Karl Steddom, Texas A&M, Overton (Rusk County) [kudzu & cowpeas];
Dr. James Heitholt, Texas A&M, Dallas (Ellis and Delta Counties);
Dr. Creighton Miller, Texas A&M, College Station (Burleson & Lubbock Counties) [cowpeas];
Dr. Ron French, Texas A&M, Amarillo (Randall County).
Coordinator: Dr. Tom Isakeit, Texas A&M, College Station.

In addition to surveys of soybeans and kudzu, other potential hosts, such as green beans (Above), cowpeas, and Texas bluebonnets (below) are being examined.

Photos: T.Isakeit, Texas A&M University

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