Soybean Rust
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Previous occurrences in Texas

November, 2005 on kudzu in Liberty County:

^Mid-November, 2005

Photos: T.Isakeit, Texas A&M University

^ Soybean rust symptoms in a commercial field in Liberty County. August 25,2006

^The kudzu had died back extensively by mid-December, 2005 and had completely died back by mid-January. The rust fungus can only survive on living plant material, so if the kudzu dies back, then the rust dies, too. The kudzu had started to grow back as of mid-March, 2006. No rust seen as of mid-April.

February, 2006 on soybean in Hidalgo County:

v This soybean field was had no rust when this photo was taken in mid-December, 2005. < The same field in late February, 2006. The plants had matured normally and were ready for harvest. Rust appeared on younger plants on the edges of the field. This field was harvested and the rust was destroyed on March 3, 2006.

Oct. 31, 2006, soybean rust in a commercial field in Victoria County:

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